Visiting the jungle in Peru

I had a great experience in a Maniti Jungle Lodge near Iquitos Peru. The ride on the Amazon was awesome. I loved watching the villages and people we passed as we glided through the wide river. Our walks in the jungle were fascinating – wildlife, plants, birds. At night we found poisonous frogs, tarantulas, and other creeping crawling creatures. Good thing our guide knew his way around the jungle.

We swam in the Amazon and I caught a glimpse of the fin of a pink dolphin and barely captured a picture. I caught a piranha, but he got away as I was pulling him into the little boat.

We stopped along the side of the Amazon to play with the monkeys, watch cayman in a pond and hike into a bird refuge.

That night, a scary looking frog got into my jungle hut. Scared me! He disappeared and I listened to the night sounds of the jungle in the dark.

Back in Iquitos, I visited the participants in the Eagle Condor Humanitarian  business development course. A seamstress, a small store, a bakery, etc. Wonderful people learning how to better their business and progress. Visit Eagle Condor Humanitarian to learn more about their programs and projects.

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