Losing Weight

I should be a great authority on losing weight – as I have lost the same 20 pounds so many times in my life! I’ve tried many diets, yo-yo’d up and down, and given up desserts more than once in my life. How about you?

When I returned from living in Peru, I first learned about Agave and I thought WOW now here’s an answer to sweetening my food and replacing sugar or honey in recipes. Well then, now we’ve learned more and it is on JJ Virgin’s Myth list, and I’m back to Raw honey and/or Stevia.

So here are her 7 Myths – read the article for details:

1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

2. Grazing all the time helps you lose weight.

3. Low-fat dairy keeps you lean.

4. Everything in Moderation.

5. Soy is a health food.

6. Agave is a healthy sweetener.

7. A calorie is a calorie

So how many of these myths do you believe will keep you at your ideal weight? I’ve just lost 18 lbs and have 5 more to go to my goal. Healthy salads and fruits are my best friends. Daily exercise – at least a 30 minute walk – is a must. I allow myself a dessert in moderation one time a week. I keep a food journal.

How do you lose weigh and then maintain yourself at a healthy place?


June 25, 2014

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