Jade Bloom Essential Oils

I found this Utah company with such great prices that I decided to try their oil. I have really enjoyed them. The Frankincense is great. Most of us our familiar with this oil from the Bible. But when you think of the Wise Men bringing the oil as a gift for the baby Jesus, did you wonder why?

Frankincense came from the Middle East ans was used in sacrificial ceremonies. It is said they believed it to help with communication with their creator. It is kind of my GOTO oil when I’m not sure what to use. ¬†Some common uses are for inflammation ¬†(I’m using it today on my swollen, bruise finger from a fall), moles (I diminished one using it for four weeks), scaring, wrinkles, arthritis, asthma, bites, headaches, etc.

If you’d like to try a bottle, click here:


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