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Arrived in the Galapagos Islands

I am super excited to be back in the Galapagos Island. I am leading a Humanitarian Expedition with Eagle Condor Humanitarian. (

We landed on Baltra Island and took a boat across the canal to Santa Cruz Island. We enjoyed the giant tortoises in the highlands and then went to our hotel in Puerto Ayora.

After removing the old tin roof, we nailed down a new one at the elementary school, and then headed for the beach.

On the 4th day we we took a boat to San Cristobal Island. Snorkeling with the sharks and rays was awesome and swimming with the little sea lions unforgettable.

Visiting the jungle in Peru

I had a great experience in a Maniti Jungle Lodge near Iquitos Peru. The ride on the Amazon was awesome. I loved watching the villages and people we passed as we glided through the wide river. Our walks in the jungle were fascinating – wildlife, plants, birds. At night we found poisonous frogs, tarantulas, and other creeping crawling creatures. Good thing our guide knew his way around the jungle.

We swam in the Amazon and I caught a glimpse of the fin of a pink dolphin and barely captured a picture. I caught a piranha, but he got away as I was pulling him into the little boat.

We stopped along the side of the Amazon to play with the monkeys, watch cayman in a pond and hike into a bird refuge.

That night, a scary looking frog got into my jungle hut. Scared me! He disappeared and I listened to the night sounds of the jungle in the dark.

Back in Iquitos, I visited the participants in the Eagle Condor Humanitarian  business development course. A seamstress, a small store, a bakery, etc. Wonderful people learning how to better their business and progress. Visit Eagle Condor Humanitarian to learn more about their programs and projects.