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Jade Bloom Essential Oils

I found this Utah company with such great prices that I decided to try their oil. I have really enjoyed them. The Frankincense is great. Most of us our familiar with this oil from the Bible. But when you think of the Wise Men bringing the oil as a gift for the baby Jesus, did you wonder why?

Frankincense came from the Middle East ans was used in sacrificial ceremonies. It is said they believed it to help with communication with their creator. It is kind of my GOTO oil when I’m not sure what to use.  Some common uses are for inflammation  (I’m using it today on my swollen, bruise finger from a fall), moles (I diminished one using it for four weeks), scaring, wrinkles, arthritis, asthma, bites, headaches, etc.

If you’d like to try a bottle, click here:


DIY Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers and Cleaners:

I brought up my five children in Bolivia, Mexico and Peru during thirteen years on a budget working for small Humanitarian organizations. Most of those years are what I call the BHS years – yep “Before Hand Sanitizer” years. I took a washcloth in a plastic bag out to the villages and packed extra water for rinsing. I was always washing my babies hands, taking their fingers out of their mouths, and administering parasite meds every six months along with a stool sample to the lab each year. I learned a lot of tricks of the trade during my five years in Bolivia with four children ages 7-1 when we arrived and  five children 11-1 (yes I was brave enough to have a baby in a clinic in Bolivia back then) when we left. Hand sanitizers appeared in 1988, but weren’t an instant hit and didn’t really sell well at first – and they certainly were not sold in Bolivia in 1988 when we arrived. They have also come a long way from being over 60% alcohol and flammable to “going green”.  By the time we went to Peru in 1997 hand sanitizers were popular in the USA, but at first we had to take it with us and have friends bring it down. But soon it was popular and found in local pharmacies.

Today, we can find natural organic brands mostly in Health Stores or make it ourselves. Using natural products and essential oils, in my opinion is healthy and avoids diseased from harmful chemicals. When I go on humanitarian expeditions I still advice participants to remember to wash their hands frequently with soap and water and at least rinse them before using hand sanitizers when working in the dirt, touching garbage etc. Shaking hands can also trransfer unwanted germs and we all need to be careful before eating. I found a great DIY recipe at :